The Police Were Created To Control Working Class And Poor People

The path towards change will not be that easy. In the first place, calling for change is actually a bit more complex than anyone has thought it would be. For one, changing the people sitting in public offices may not equate to real change. We might be seeing a different face speaking in front of us as our leader, but if the current system in place propagates the same social injustices and prejudice, these efforts to call for change are all for nothing. Fortunately, we have brave individuals who are willing to go an extra mile just to make sure that those few people sitting in people and enjoying their privilege can hear the voice of the masses.

It also does not help but the state itself, the one supposed to be protecting the interest of the ordinary people, is the one causing our own struggles. In fact, police forces have been often viewed as the manipulator of the masses, including the working class and the poor. In spite of all the intimidation, it is astounding to see that many people in our generation are still fearlessly advocating for real change.

Good thing that Systemic Capital is here to deliver you actual and fact-based reports, all bare and unbiased. With the truth being spread online instead of lies, there is hope that our society can slowly move away from deception and move forward towards progress and unity.