Deep Green Resistance An Interview With Derrick Jensen And Rachel Ivey

We must admit the one of the terribly serious issues that our society is facing at this day and age is the proliferation of fake news. Everyday, we see countless of fake news articles circulating online, and it’s been spreading like a wildfire. As people believe in these fake news online, their perception towards the government and society becomes skewed. If someone decides to write a fake news article about politics and finance, this will cause a public sway of opinions that will only benefit the vested interest of the fake news peddler. Of course, there is a chance that this fake news peddler is serving a bigger boss, who will benefit the most from all these misinformation.

Here at Systemic Capital, delivering fresh and reliable information is our topmost priority. Granted, we have the internet to verify things that we read online, but there are just so many things that can get us farther away from the truth that go near it. Only the truth can help us fight all these malicious people trying to get the whole public swayed according to their will.

Just to mention the Deep Green Resistance who is also active in toppling the root of all evil in our society, including patriarchy, injustice, and prejudice, Systemic Capital is also serious in bringing you the truth and dismantling everything that feeds us with lies.

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