12 Steps To Overcoming Addiction To Voting For The Lesser Of 2 Evils

For the majority of the countries all over the world, the election season is the period when ordinary citizens are able to exercise their power in a democratic state. While the powerful and influential statesmen have the final say in writing the future of the nation, it is the people who get to choose who get to lead them and make the crucial decisions for them.

In this day and age, there are just so many problems and issues that the world leaders still need to fix. Unfortunately, from one election season to the next, these same leaders keep on promising the same solutions to the problems. The sad reality is that people might have been voting for the same personalities who just give empty promises. There are those who proclaim themselves as the rightful ones for the position that they are running for, but there is a chance that many of those things they promised to do during the election will not happen.

As a result, the voters have already grown numb and frustrated about the outcome of each election. Thinking that these people who run for public posts are the same, people just don’t care to take a moment and think about their credentials. The easiest way for them to choose who to vote is weighing the candidates’ cons instead of pros. In short, people are into voting for the lesser of the two evils.

Hopefully, Systemic Capital will be an instrument for people to get a better picture of these politicians that continue to shape our future. With solid facts and open mind, there is a better chance for us to choose the right person for our vote, instead of resorting to pick the lesser evil.