Scottish Activists Shut Down Israeli Drone Factory

It is delightful to know that many people in our world today are longing for real change. This kind of change is not just something that we can see or hear. The change that we must aim must be systemic and felt by everyone, not just by the privileged few. Granted, many others in the past have already called for change in the current system. While many leaders have been elected in the past that promised to bring change, ordinary individuals continue to call for the same thing. This only means that whatever changes that these leaders have brought into the table are not actual change. Therefore, is there anything else we can do so that we can really experience that change that we long for?

The path towards change will not be that easy. In the first place, calling for change is actually a bit more complex than anyone has thought it would be. For one, electing new leaders in public offices may not equate to real change. We might be seeing a different face speaking in front of us as our leader, but if the current system in place propagates the same social injustices and prejudice, these efforts to call for change are all for nothing. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to take an extra mile to bring this much-needed change forward.

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