20 Reasons To Support Cuba

You might have already watched a couple of films that portrays Cuban characters as the bad guys. There are higher odds that at some point, the government of Cuba itself has been painted a not so pretty picture. It might have something to do with the current type of government that the country has, not to mention the countless of times that Cuba got itself in trouble due to the path that it chose. One of the known countries that Cuba has built an unhealthy relationship with is the United States of America.

The worst part of the relationship between the United States of America and Cuba was during the 1960’s, also known as the Cold War era. Due to the conflicting ideologies of the two countries, they found themselves at opposite, yet clashing, ends. In spite of the intense pressure on Cuba, the country stick to its socialist form of governance, and with this, the country has always felt alone in this part of the world.

In the modern times, having the freedom to choose what is best for your own country must be uphold. For Cuba, it endured years of conflicts due to its different view from the rest of the world. Things have gotten better now for the country and its diplomatic relations with its neighboring nations, most especially the United States, yet the negative picture of Cuba still remains.

Here in Systemic Capital, we strive to give all sides of the story so that we can have a fair assessment of different pressing issues. One day, we can get more than enough reasons to support Cuba instead of thinking negatively.