Navy Researchers Predict Summer Arctic Ice To Disappear By 2016 84 Years Ahead Of Schedule

The path towards change will not be that easy. In the first place, calling for change is actually a bit more complex than anyone has thought it would be. For one, changing the people sitting in public offices is not enough if we are really going for an actual change in the society. We might be seeing a different face speaking in front of us as our leader, but if the current system in place propagates the same social injustices and prejudice, these efforts to call for change are all for nothing, no matter how many times we try to elect new people in power. Another thing we should worry about is ourselves, as we are being targeted by misinformation that keeps us away from achieving change.

In our world today, getting fresh and reliable information is a big challenge. Granted, we have the internet to verify things that we read online, but there are just so many things that can get us farther away from the truth that go near it. This is because of the rise of fake news peddlers, and the sad thing is we can only do so little to make sure that fake news are to be contained.

The more serious part of the spread of fake news online is the people’s perception towards the government and society. If someone decides to write a fake news article about politics, this will cause a public sway of opinions that will result to divisiveness. Good thing that Systemic Capital is here to deliver you actual and fact-based reports, all bare and unbiased. With the truth being spread online instead of lies, there is hope that our society can slowly move away from deception and move forward towards progress and unity.