Trump and Biden Raising Funds for Election Lawsuits but with a Difference

As Trump insists he won the presidential election, his campaign team is raising funds to finance the legal costs of proving he lost due to election fraud. Trump supporters have been receiving emails in which donations are being solicited to financially support the filing of lawsuits filed in several stated to prove Trump won the presidency.

Some Republican voters who received such emails spoke to the press people but on conditions of anonymity. While the emails gave estimates that the anticipated legal costs will amount to as much as $60 to $100 million, the donation page revealed additional information that many supporters found disturbing.

Trump’s Current Fund Raising Drive, a Last Ditch Effort to Fill Campaign Coffers

Apparently, the fundraising emails are last ditch efforts to get hold of money that will cover the unpaid balances of contracts entered by Trump’s campaign team. As stated in fine print in the donation pages, the funds that will be solicited by the Trump campaign will be distributed as follows:

1.  Sixty percent (60%) of every donation that will be collected will be used to pay off unsettled obligations incurred during Trump’s 2020 campaign activities.

2.  The remaining 40% will go to the operations account of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

3.  Any funds remaining after all obligations have been settled, will be the amount that will go to the Legal Proceedings Account of the Republicans, for use in the payment of litigation expenses related to the electoral fraud lawsuits.

Based on the most recent finance reports of federal campaign funds, Trump and his campaign team had access to $60 million dollars in early October. However, in weeks prior to the day of the election, reports have it that Trump’s campaign team had contracted a hefty amount $160 million for television advertisements, which quite obviously, is way above the actual money that was available.

Actually, Trump will likely face more lawsuits once he steps out of the presidential office, and the filing of legal complaints regarding the results of the 2020 election is seen as the only legal means of delaying the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden.

Biden Camp is Also Soliciting Similar Donations from Supporters

In fairness, the former president is not the only one who is currently taking actions for the lawsuits. President-elect Biden’s campaign team has also established a new committee called the Biden Fight Fund.

This committee will help shield Biden’s campaign from the lawsuits that Trump and his party are poised to file. Emails have been sent to Biden supporters, encouraging them to donate $25 as aid to the team in constructing legal efforts, which accordingly will work toward making sure democracy will triumph.