Planning And Financing Your Home

Growing old within your own four walls in a familiar environment is still the ideal idea of ​​retirement for most people. The old people’s home is at least an adequate substitute for their own home.

Real estate Smithfield: How to finance your project?

First of all, good advice helps. Because just like the new home, the construction financing should also be tailored to your personal needs, wishes and possibilities and precisely planned. For professional advice, real estate smithfield can definitely help.

Since the financing of a property is usually a long-term affair, builders should consider appropriate follow-up financing right from the start. They should ideally secure the currently low-interest rates for the follow-up loan from the outset.

Real estate Smithfield: Choose the right location

Short distances to shops, doctors and nursing services are important criteria for a suitable place of residence. Ideally, these are within walking distance or can be easily reached by public transport. Thus, you may not need your own car. And those who include their social environment in the planning from the outset can also benefit from mutual help.

Once a suitable location has been selected, the actual construction begins. You should first consider which type of house is most suitable for you. There are basically no restrictions on the choice whether city villas, single-family houses or bungalows can be designed according to age. Nevertheless, the bungalow is still most closely associated with barrier-free living. The ground-level construction means that steps are largely superfluous.

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Real estate Smithfield: Pay attention to easy access

When planning your new home, you should not only think about an age-appropriate room layout. You should consider a suitable floor plan for barrier-free. In other words, you should consider trip-free outdoor facilities and access roads. The parking space for the car should be large enough that you can comfortably get on and off as well as load and unload even when you are retired.

It is advisable to avoid steps, stairs, thresholds and other tripping hazards as far as possible. Do you want to pay attention to non-slip material and good lighting of the access roads? By choosing non-slip materials for paving stones and pavement slabs, you will ensure that your building is age-appropriate in this regard as well.