Biden Administration To Reduce Homeless Population via the “House America” Program

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently announced the Biden administration’s “House America” initiative in bringing down the rate of homelessness, occurring throughout the country. Ms. Psaki mentioned that “House America” will be calling on state and local leaders to help in the attainment of ambitious goals that aim to reduce the size of the country;s homeless population.

The related government agencies will ask officials of states, counties, and cities to pledge their participation in suppressing homelessness. In return, the federal government will furnish them financial support and other resources to use in working toward the achievement of two important goals: . The federal government will be giving support and guidance in attaining two goals:

  • Build new affordable units for those who are on the point of becoming homeless and;
  • Provide permanent housing for homeless individuals.

List of Local and State Leaders Who Have Aready Pledged Commitment to the “House America” Program

Currently, several mayors and state governments have a;ready [ledged their commitment to participate in the federal government’s “House America”, namely:

  • The mayors of Austin, Oakland, Washington, D.C., and Seattle;
  • The governors of California and Maine to which the first to put in place policy for the homelesness reduction initiatives are Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti together with Holly Mitchelln the LA County Supervisor and Chuck Hoskin Jr, the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

The ambition is to have a repeat the success of the Obama’s administration;s 2016 campaign in curbing veteran homelessness by 50%. During that time, around 800 city mayors and county executives worked hand in hand with the federal government to achieve the goal.