Phoenix Business Lawyer In Private Sector

Lawyers who are not drawn to a court or a law firm will find exciting jobs and good prospects in consulting, in companies or in tax advice.

Lawyers who are not in the mood for civil service will find interesting alternatives in the free economy. Because legal know-how is indispensable in the changing legal situation in every company. Large companies even have their own legal departments.

Regardless of which area lawyers choose, if they want to get off to a good start when they start their careers, they should be able to prove their knowledge.

For the majority of corporate lawyers, direct entry is the start of their professional life.

Phoenix business lawyer in auditing and tax advice

In auditing and tax advice, Phoenix business lawyer has tasks in a wide variety of areas of law. They can work as auditors, lawyers or consultants so there is plenty of variety. Anyone who has a weakness for numbers in addition to legal expertise will find a crisis-proof area of ​​responsibility in tax consulting or auditing. Anyone who manages to pass the costly and time-consuming examination to become a tax advisor has good cards.

In the auditing department, lawyers work in interdisciplinary teams on banking supervisory law and investment, securities and securities trading law. Questions relating to general civil and commercial law as well as company law are also part of everyday life. Auditors check annual financial statements of corporations for formal and material accuracy.

Phoenix business lawyer in financial advice

Phoenix business lawyer

Anyone who enjoys dealing with people and is looking for completely new challenges has come to the right place in financial advice. Here lawyers advise academics on topics such as pensions, insurance, assets as well as private and business finances. They can best use their know-how when advising. They know exactly the needs of this target group and can therefore advise them optimally.

If you want to get into financial consulting as a lawyer, you can usually do so after completing your studies or legal clerkship. In-house training, which is combined with on-the-job training in an office, can prepare for advisory work. Here, the young consultants usually initially advise trainee lawyers. In the first consultation, it is important to find out the personal and professional goals of the customer.