The Advantages And Importance Of Financial Literacy

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Easy Access To Online Gambling

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With the ever-evolving technologies and the Internet, many are able to play various traditional games from all over the world, and to make them more in interesting, play for real money. Although this may be a great thing in terms of entertainment, many governments oppose such activities because of the gambling part.

With easy access to the internet and where online gambling games could be conveniently played on mobile devices, such as smartphones, it would be challenging for governments to discourage its people from gambling. However, governments could offer its citizens financial literacy courses or perhaps include them in school curriculum so that at a young age they already learn and know how to make wise financial decisions and carry these throughout their adulthood.

The Advantages of Financial Literacy

The major advantage of being financially literate is to make smart decisions in terms of your finances and be able to manage it successfully. Financial literacy provides the needed knowledge as well as skills to handle finances. Hence, people become better trained, prepared and equipped to achieve their financial goals as well as potentially attain financial freedom even if they include gambling as a recreational activity.

Apart from this, financial literacy could also be of great help in creating and strictly following a balanced budget plan, saving up for retirement, buying a home, cutting down expenses, managing and paying off debt, wisely using credit cards, as well as choosing an investment and and/or investment plan.

Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is imperative since it prepares individuals with an understanding of the fundamental financial concepts to put into perspective their financial decisions in the real world. With this valuable knowledge, people are able to manage and handle their money much better and much more effectively, make sound choices, judgements and decisions, as well maintain and sustain healthy budgeting and spending practices/habits, wherein it could direct to financial stability, wellness and freedom.

To clearly understand financial literacy more, let’s have a look at the financial challenges that a lot of people not only in United States but also the world face:

  • 78% of people in America are living paycheck to paycheck
  • Debt on student loan is up to 1.5 trillion US dollars for over 44 million borrowers
  • Debt on credit card reached 1.04 trillion US dollars
  • 21% of the American population don’t set aside any funds for both short as well as long-term goals