Sen. Warren to Continue Pushing for Wealth Tax as Member of Senate Finance Committee

Despite not winning the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she will still push for her radical campaign calls for Wealth Tax.

Last Tuesday, February 02, Senator Warren confirmed that she will soon be joining the Senate Finance Committee. The committee membership is considered a choice assignment since she will have greater ability to push for a tax legislation that will impose levy on amassed wealth amounting to more than $50 million. In fact her announcement served as an ominous warning to the super rich, saying that introducing a WealthTax will her first order of business.

During President Biden’s campaign for presidential nomination, his tax proposal was to raise taxes on households with more than $400,000 in annual earnings, and to hike up the rate of corporate taxes, as well as to make certain modifications on Capital Gains Tax. Despite the contrast, the former Vice President still won the primary elections, relegating Wealth Tax proponents Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren to second and third positions, respectively.

Brief Overview of Senator Warren’s Forthcoming Wealth Tax and Other Legislation Proposals

The Massachusetts senator’s office said that the Wealth Tax she plans on legislating is basically the same as the “two-cent tax” she voiced during her campaign, plus an “additional surtax” that will be imposed on every dollar of wealth exceeding $1 billion. The surtax rate, though, is yet to be determined.

Moreover, Senator Warren promised that she will still continue to push her campaign calls for cancellations of student loans, for changes that will make college education more affordable and for increasing funding for K-12 education. In a related statement, Senator Warren said she will continue to fight for the working families to provide them with meaningful relief, by being a progressive voice in instituting long lasting economic security for struggling American families.