Money Scams: How Obvious Can They Get

For the last three years, more and more cases of money scams have been reported in a daily manner, compared to your morning coffee this is now more consistent than ever. In a world where the money is everyone’s aim and need to survive or more over getting what they want, every person should be more skeptical. Knowing how to differentiate legitimate money transactions over scammed ones will benefit you or even a dear friend. As everything progresses in the industry and society, so does the tactics and plays of these scammers to win you in a matter of seconds.

Things You May Want To Look Out For

The first thing to be wary about in this age of technology is online sites that offer various services, investments, or loans. Always take time to a background check, research for reviews, or people who have been customers and their experience. Never jump on colorful offers that seem so easy and simple. Verified sites of companies are more compact and have registry numbers at the footer, while scam sites are very visible to have a shady layout with lots of pop-ups.

The next thing can be tricky since it takes more gut feel or skepticism to notice or give doubt for it. If you are in a transaction with a real person and not via any site, and transactions are done through e-mails, always look for signs that the name affiliation may be very obvious to have been made up. Bad credit business loans or not, emails should at least contain a company name or an underscore of an affiliation. Looking it up on the internet is a good move since professional workers have their verified emails all over their accounts.

The last most common scam there probably is, are sites or numbers that make promises of sudden win of a large amount of money. Stating that you are just “that lucky”, and that you happen to visit their site by good timing, or your number has been chosen by an automated system to be a winner of something you clearly didn’t join. Never be too excited for these things and always take caution on what they ask from you in exchange for your “huge prize”. The best thing to actually do is go out of the site or discard the message.