Hustlers University : Its Significance in Today’s Real World of Business Environment

Hustler University has been instrumntal in helping a tremendous number of aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs in India achieve success; or at the least, make progress in improving their customer retention rate instead of relying only on a one-time customer base.

ecommerce IndustryThe ecommerce industry has been making waves in India for more than a decade but has manifested growth only in recent past years. Several domestic online stores had sprouted in India in as early as 2000 although it did not achieve the same level of success achieved by the leading online stores in India today, in the likes of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Previous years’ market analyses indicated that trustworthiness of the platforms was one of the reasons why ecommerce didn’t make much progress in India in the early years.

Yet reports have it that the main reason is the skewed concept of making online selling work for the satisfaction of sellers and not the customers. The product catalogues for one, had very little to offer to a broad range of potential customers.

India’s eCommerce Industry Gets a Boost from Innovators and Maturing Youth Population

Around the years 2012 to 2013, India’s ecommerce market started acting aggressively after the emergence of several tech innovators and startup adopter enterprises.

Apparently, numerous factors contributed to the success of ecommerce in India. First and foremost was the significant change in India’s customer demographics. As the country’s large population of youths came of age in both urban and rural sectors, the youth’s subsequent transition into adults included having higher earnings that yielded greater disposable income.

In 2014, the United Nations took note of India’s huge population of about 350 million plus young people whose ages ranged from 10 to 24 years old. It was already the largest in the world, despite having a smaller overall population when compared to that of its close competitor and neighbor China. Due to some turn of events, India’s overall population today has overtaken that of China’s.

In line with this real world fact, Indian economists expect the addition of about 300 million new online shoppers in the succeeding 15 years. The transformation of the demographics into online shoppers with high disposable income both in urban and rural areas, became the main driving forces in India’s phenomenal ecommerce performance through the years.

Hustler University and Its Role in Guiding India’s Young Online Entrepreneurs

online business educationHustler University, the online learning platform and resource center for various modern wealth generation methods came around in 2019 to provide guidance and pointers on ecommerce program includes comprehensive guidelines presented in a nutshell.

It teaches how to choose the right product to sell online as well as give ideas on how to promote a product. The course includes tutorials on how to establish an online store that has the capability to compete in India’s growing ecommerce industry, which currently serves around 289 million active online shoppers.