14 African Countries Forced By France To Pay Colonial Tax

European nations found the opportunity to explore the world in early history. Perhaps “explore” is not the fitting word to describe what the Europeans have done in the past. They actually built an empire that knew no boundaries. Even far thousands of miles away from their motherland, European conquerors were able to expand their territories and achieve more power. As they conquered foreign lands, the European nations established their sphere of influence, and nothing could ever stand in their way, except if they decided to turn against each other and fight for dominance, which did happen many times in history.

One of the European powerhouses that were able to create dozens of colonies is France. History is a witness to France’s rise to power in the early centuries. Same as every story of conquests of Westerners, the campaign of France for dominance was paid by blood, especially for those countries that had no choice but to submit under the French rule.

African countries experienced the brunt of France’s conquest. Their suffering did not just end after being colonized. Under the French rule, these African countries were forced to pay colonial taxes in exchange for getting the “opportunity to improve” as colonies.

For hundreds of years, African countries worked so much to pay France. Of course, there were those who resisted this burden, but fighting the French rule was equivalent to suffering and death.

With the fall of France’s colonial rule to many places in the globe, including the African countries, there are important lessons that need to be remembered by today’s generation. With Systemic Capital, bringing reliable and up-to-date information will help in assessing our past and creating a future that is not bound to repeat the same mistakes.