Samsung admits its phones may contain the blood of children

World’s best-selling phone manufacturer buckles to consumer pressure and reveals truth about its tin sourcing

Mobile phone company Samsung has admitted to using tin sourced from Indonesia’s controversial Bangka Island, where an investigation last year by the Guardian and environmental charity Friends of the Earth (FoE) found that unregulated tin mining depends on child labour, wrecks the environment and kills an estimated 150 miners every year.

The admission from the world’s best-selling smartphone manufacturer follows intense pressure from FoE and 15,000 concerned consumers who had contacted Samsung, demanding the company investigate the human and environmental costs of its tin sourcing.

In an email sent to the charity and its customers, Samsung said: “While we do not have a direct relationship with tin suppliers from Bangka Island, we do know that some of the tin that we use for manufacturing our products does originate from this area.”

It continued: “We are also undertaking a thorough investigation of our supply chain in the region to better understand what is happening, and what part we play.



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  1. April 28, 2013 at 8:44 am

    It’s disgusting to see that corporations are given the power to exploit in the favor of an extension of their own profits and power. In this day and the age, the collective force of private companies is probably greater than the power of the US government. We need to reign these bulldogs in.

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