Mounting problems behind Chavez’s victory


For the reality is that the state has been transformed into an apparatus of power, that dedicates itself to a slow down of all popular innitiatives, incorporating the leaders of grass root movements on the one side and strangling the popular initiatives at the local level on the other. While public services deteriorate and promises remain unfulfilled – in housing for example, only a quarter of the promised houses has been built – bureaucrats grow visibly and insultingly rich. The new bureaucracy in power (some of which consist of survivors of the previous governments), with red caps and shirts, has converted itself into a new ruling class that governs and enriches itself in the name of a people that has to accept shortages, yearly inflation above 30%, and the imposition of unelected spokespersons. The people know this, and complain loudly about rampant corruption.

Without Chávez controling these contradictions will require more and more repression, and the people will have to organize anew, independently of those in power. But that has to be prepared already today. The socialists, many of whom fight sincerely as part of the Chávez movement, should dedicate themselves from now on to work from the grassroots, creating the capacity to rescue socialism – the theory and practice of the working class that transforms itself into the maker of its own history – from the hands of those who try to redefine it as the instrument of a state that more and more serves its own interests.



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