Law of Value – the Video Series

Though most use the term “Labor Theory of Value” Marx never did. Instead he referred to the “Law of Value”. Either way, that is the subject of this video series, which you can find linked below. The series will hopefully be around 15 videos long in the end. At the moment I’ve only completed the first few videos. You can see an initial draft of the scripts for all of them here.

1. Introduction

1.2 A quiz on Marx’s theory of Value

1.3 Addendum on how to watch these videos

2. The Fetishism of Commodities.

3. Das MudPie (on what it means for private labor to become social labor)

4. Use-Value, Exchange-value and Value

5. Contradiction

6. Socially Necessary Labor Time

7. Production and Exchange

8. Subject/Object

9. Abstract labor

10. Value and Price

11. Money

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