Greek Communists Honor Cuban 5

Athens, Sep 20 (Prensa Latina) The 39th Festival of Greek Communist Youth (KNE) opened today with an act of homage to the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters condemned in the United States. The organizers wanted to take advantage of the first day of the Festival to express their commitment to the socialist process in Cuba and recognize the role of the Cuban Revolutionin the struggle for justice and solidarity among the peoples of the world.

These were the sentiments expressed by Nicolas Lefteris, head of KNE’s international relations, who insisted that the international solidarity demonstrated by Cuba is an example for his organization and one of the key components of the international communist movement.

For that reason, Lefteris recalled the commitment by young Greek Communists to continue and increase their efforts to obtain the release of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters condemned in the United States.

For his part, Cuba’s Ambassador to Greece, Osvaldo Martinez, encouraged attendees to “actively participate in the fight against the injustice committed against the Five Cuban Heroes and recognize the dignity of a people who were forced to pay a high price to defend their right to self-determination, independence, and national sovereignty.”

At the culmination of the event, Martinez delivered a medal to the KNE, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Cuba’s Young Communist League, and offered a message of “appreciation for the strong relations of brotherhood and solidarity that unite us, to achieve a united youth, committed to building a peaceful world with plenty of dignity.”