‘FARC’ attacks south Colombia oil pipeline

Alleged rebels of Colomba’s largest rebel group FARC have attacked an important oil pipeline in the south of the country, local media reported Thursday.

According to the reports, guerrillas attacked the Transandino crude oil pipeline in Puerto Asis, a municipality on the Ecuadorean border.

The attack forced the pipeline transporting crude oil from Ecuador and the Putumayo department to the Pacific coast to be shut down.

The government secretary of Puerto Asis, responsible for public order in his municipality, told Spanish press agency EFE the attack had taken place close to the local cemetery and — while no oil was spilled onto the cemetery — the fire following the attack did affect the graveyard.

The local government official accused the FARC’s 48th Front of having carried out the attack.

The Transandino pipeline travels through rebel territory and has been attack several times this year already.