CPN-Maoist is the only communist party in Nepal

KATHMANDU, SEP 27 – CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya has expressed his concern over the growing trend in Nepal to become a communist for publicity.

Addressing a programme to launch a book titled “Kranti Ra Bidroha” authored by Hasta Bahadur KC, Baidya said, “CPN-UML is not a communist paraty and UCPM-Maoist has transformed into CPN-UML, hence we are leading the communist movement in Nepal.”

Furthermore, he said political conflict is deepening due to the influence of foreign powers and lack of farsightedness on part of the senior leaders despite the flexibility exhibited by the CPN-Maoist till the last hour. “Although those who failed to understand our flexibility have threatened to deploy the army, Nepali people will eventually know the actual people’s movement,” he said.

CPN-Maoist politburo member Dharmendra Bastola expressed reservations over the attempt to scrap the public mandate given by people’s war and the first Constituent Assembly election