Appeal to the U.S. Communist Movement

What would a modern version of Lenin’s proposal look like, and would it be feasible to our movement? Today this would inevitably translate into something that goes beyond a mere newspaper; today, with the internet and all the opportunities it provides, the only way we can begin the crucial work of resolving our differences, necessary for a single party and program, is a full-fledged, Communist media network. This “media network” must take full advantage of the propaganda, agitation, and dispatching capabilities at our disposal.

In connection with this, the ways in which we’ve been conducting our propaganda work reflects just as much of the inexperience as our fractured state does, hampering our movement’s development by lack of concentration. A vast majority of us have not been utilizing the internet’s distribution and communication capabilities to its fullest possible extent; we have our blogs, our forums, our Facebook pages etc. But where are the Communist, hard-hitting, and provocative podcast hosts? Where are the educational, agitations, and newsworthy YouTube channels? Where are the skilled bands of Photoshop artists, music producers, and creative writers, working around the clock to produce resounding masterpieces that promote Communist ideas and culture? Where are our professional teams of hackers who, with clandestine grace, infiltrate into police, government, and corporate files, providing our news organs and defense ministers with all sorts of valuable secrets to help foster discontent and defend our operatives? Is it really so hard to realize that computer technology bestows us with a means of intellectual production which, if we were to pause and imagine their properly centralized use, could deal devastating blows to ruling class legitimacy? Even if all of these things already exist, their overall significance is only deprecated by their isolation and inferior quality.

On the other hand, it would be a grave mistake to confine all of our work to the internet; if our message is a revolutionary one, it will quickly garner government attention and it is far too simple for our websites, blogs, channels etc. to be shut-down on “anti-terrorist” pretexts, only hindering our ability to provide continuity to the movement. For the above reasons, it is just as necessary to secure a printing-press and skilled team of distributors for our political newspaper, which will equally work to help unify our movement. We digress; all of this is immaterial until we can first rally ourselves around a single point, or what Hal Draper refers to as a “Political center”[6]

The task of unifying our movement is not something that can come to us easily, if at all, and if it somehow does, it will not be for some time. History will not wait for us to get our act together either, the longer we wait, and the less energy we exert, the less likely a strong Communist movement will be. A Communist media network will serve as the material foundation growing a Communist political center- the first step in organizing ourselves into a real workers political party, complimenting the realization of our common goal with a common project. We- a group of like-minded Marxists from various tendencies- have established an online newsletter featuring a Facebook page, YouTube channel and Podcast, to serve as our springboard for this effort, currently entitled “People’s Tempest”. In addition to the standard propaganda and agitation functions, People’s Tempest will be place for us to publicly resolve any and all variances in opinion, following an individual’s or an organization’s agreement to participate.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we must finally outline what fundamental, yet firm, ideological foundations that are already common to many of our Communist groups, and will be the necessary political standard for a genuinely revolutionary network:

1.) A strict adherence to the fundamentals of Marxist thought, specifically, the principles expressed in “The Communist Manifesto”, and Lenin’s contributions.

2.) Honest examination of the historical merits tied to any particular set of tactics ever in question, presented to us throughout the development of our movement, and in the point of view of bringing us closer to the overthrow of capitalist supremacy by the working people.

3.) An emphatic rejection of all political opportunism and revisions to Marxist thought; all that which objectively hinders our immediate aim of organizing the workers into a class, overthrowing the capitalists, and establishing proletarian dictatorship- or seeks to reduce our hostility toward the existing capitalist order- must be ruthlessly combated.


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