“Class struggle is not merely an economic struggle, it is a struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor for control over the main means of production and the political life of society. It includes the struggle in economic, political, social and ideological spheres, and the key aspect of revolutionary class struggle is not economic struggle but political struggle- the struggle for the seizure of political power.” - Anuradha Ghandy

"Founding Fathers"

On the State of Existing U.S. Parties and Why It’s Necessary to Reject Them and Build Something New

PFLP salutes Jerusalem operation

Neoliberalism? There’s a channel for that.

The Mandate of RATPAC

AI Software Learns to Make AI Software

AfD politician says Germany should stop atoning for Nazi crimes

10,000 Civilians Killed, 40,000 Wounded In U.S. Backed War On Yemen

World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%

Black Activist Groups Pledge Five Days of Resistance Leading Up to Trump Inauguration

Arizona Republicans move to ban social justice courses and events at schools

Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries

Brazilian farm owners form militias to attack land activists

New Bill Would Make Freeway Protesting Serious Crime

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg sues to force native land sales

Northrop Grumman awarded $140 million U.S. Air Force contract

Doss Aviation granted $290M Air Force contract